Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel

Brothers Christ

Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel

Our identity of Montfortian Brothers of St. Gabriel is rooted in the spiritual and apostolic experience of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, of Gabriel Deshayes and of the generations of Brothers who lived before us. Our Rule of Life, our Constitutions and our Capitular Documents express our specific way of living the Montfortian spirituality and charism following Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, with Mary.

Brothers in Christ

Founded on the true relationship, brotherhood is created through a deep bond. Brotherhood becomes a reality and a model of social life in the world which is divided by individualism and discrimination, hatred and violence. As a universal value, brotherhood is lived at different levels:

Human brotherhood

All human beings were created free and equal. This fundamental principle of human rights transcends all differences. Faith in God the Creator who made man "in His own image and likeness" implies the equality among all human beings. This is a strong invitation that calls us to live this brotherhood.

Christian brotherhood

By his teaching and deeds, Jesus promoted a model of brotherhood, a new way of social relationship among his disciples. He called them to live as children of the same Father and as brothers and sisters towards one another. From the beginning, the Christian community had a great desire to live in brotherhood and communion assembled around Mary.

By vocation, we are committed to live this spirit of brotherhood in a religious community. Concrete commitment with and for those less privileged ones in society manifests that Brotherhood is lived out not only in words but in actions. It is proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom.

In the Church and in the Congregation

Our specific vocation is acknowledged by the Church as a way to sanctity for those who have been called by God.

As Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, we belong to the Montfortian Family. With all the men and women who consider themselves as members of that spiritual family, mainly the Daughters of Wisdom, the Brothers and the Fathers of Company of Mary and the lay associates, we have the responsibility of bearing fruit through the Montfortian spirituality and charism. As our founders did, we have to interpret the signs of the times and strive to incarnate the Gospel in our lives by imitating Jesus Christ through our words and actions.