Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel


The purpose of the consecrated life is conformity to the Lord Jesus. It should include and express the character of wholeness. Therefore, it involves the whole person in every aspect of his personality, in behaviour and intentions. Precisely because it aims at the transformation of the whole person it is evident that the commitment to formation never ends. Indeed, at every stage of life, consecrated persons are offered opportunities to grow in their commitments to the charism and mission of their Institute.

Formation is a dynamic process by which the individuals are led to accept the Word of God in the depths of their being whilst, at the same time, they learn how to discover the signs of God in the midst of earthly realities.

The Call of Brotherhood is a:

Vocation to Love

Brothers in Christ

Brothers for the Mission

To be authentic Leaders


Bro. Susai Alangaram


Bro. Jenny Kuriakose


Bro. Peter Rajan


Bro. Robert


Bro. Anthony Sunil