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Montfort Juniorate, Kolathur

In 1978, the plus two course was introduced in schools. The Province decided to have the Juniors studying in the higher secondary classes study at Kolathur. Hence the Juniors, who passed the Std. X. at Palakurichi were transferred to Kolathur. Just a few new recruits also joined the group. Bro. Crescentius was in charge of them from 1978-82.

A Juniorate building with two floors was completed by June 1982. From 1982-86, Bro. Martin was the Director of the Juniorate. Then for one year Bro. P.J. Peter was in charge, followed by Bro. Martin for one year. In 1988, the Juniorate was closed down and the plus two Juniorate started studying in Palakurichi itself. In 1993, the Juniorate was reopened.

In 1993, the Province of South India was divided into Trichy and Yercaud Regions. The juniors from Kerala, who were in Palakurichi, continued their studies in Kolathur and hence the Juniorate was reopened. During 1993-94, Bro. Devasy Madavana was in charge of them. From 1994-98, Bro. Crescentius was in charge and from 1998-2001, Bro. K.V. Thomas was in charge. In 2001, the Juniorate was closed down for a year.

In June 2002, it was restarted and Bro. Lawrence Joseph was the Director and there were 35 Juniors. Most of them were from Kerala. Those who joined after passing Std. X, were taught Tamil and English for one year. In 2004, four from Tamilnadu joined the Pre-Postulancy. In 2005, after completing the Std. XII, not a single one from Kerala joined the Pre-Postulancy, while five from Tamilnadu joined. In 2006, one from Kerala and two from Tamilnadu joined. In 2006, those from Kerala, who completed Std. X, were not allowed to continue. In 2007, after the Std. XII, exam, only one from kerala joined but he too left from the novitiate and two from Tamilnadu joined and they made their First Profession in April 2010. From 2007-10, Bro. Irudaya Michael was in charge of the juniors, who were few in number and they were from either Tamilnadu or Karnataka. In 2010, great efforts were taken in vocation promotion and 13 students joined the Juniorate.

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