Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel

Montfort And The Laity

Many involvements of the laity can be found in the Montfortian Missions, in areas that are perfectly in agreement with the intellectual level of the time, where, very often, the ideal was simply to "believe what the Church believes".

1. A House called "Providence"

During his missions, Montfort made it a rule that it was necessary to rely solely on the alms from the parishioners to meet the cost of the missions. Though it is believed that the 'House of Providence' existed in a place only for the duration of the missions there, this was an opportunity for the laity to live out their catechism lessons, by serving Jesus in the poor and expressing their solidarity with the poor in practical ways, because they considered the poor as Jesus himself.

2. Lay People Involved in Different Activities during the Mission

During the mission of Montfort, all the different types of participation were solicited from the laity. It is reported that at Pontchâteau thousands of people worked freely for a period of fifteen months for the construction of a Calvary in 1709.

3. The Processions during the Missions

The processions that were organized by Montfort during all the missions he conducted in the different Parishes were a cherished activity for all the laity.

4. Pilgrimages

Montfort deeply believed in the grace of the Pilgrimages. At the beginning of Lent 1716, 33 White Penitents of St. Pompain proposed to the missionary a pilgrimage on foot to the shrine of Our Lady of Ardilliers in Saumur, lasting for one week. The pilgrimage to this shrine was revived in 1982, under the influence of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. Since then, a group of lay people have been taking part in this Pilgrimage every year to pray to get "true missionaries and Wisdom, through the intercession of Mary."

5. The Renewal of the Spirit of Christianity

What the laity realized with Montfort, the Apostolic Missionary, is simply a means "to renew the spirit of Christianity among the faithful" through:

» Renewal of the Baptismal Promises
» Consecration to Jesus through Mary.