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Bro. George Kalangod took the daring step to put the plan in to action. Following him Bros. Devasy, Irudhaya Michel, Joy Theckanth, Joseph Thomas, Paul K.A. and presently Joy Thckanath played and are playing the leadership roles. The other Brothers who have worked and working are Bros. Francis Xavier, Abraham Pralel, Pakiyanathan and Niju Thomas.

The school for the disabled children started 1999 in the name of Montfort school for the disabled with 7 hearing impaired and a few other handicapped children. The number kept increasing and the other handicapped children were filtered out, since the Brothers wanted exclusively concentrate on the hearing impaired students. Montfort school for the disabled follows the syllabus of the Karnataka Board of School Education. The medium of instruction is Kannada, the local language of the people of the State. We give special training for speech, lip reading, auditory awareness; develop auditory and visual memory and auditory training. Apart from this, we provide facilities like sports and games, drawing, painting, crafts, dances, dramas etc., for the development of inborn talents of these disabled children.


The aim of Montfort School for the Disabled is to provide inclusive and integrated education for the empowerment of the disabled children with job oriented training.


01. The social and general objective of the program envisaged at the centre is integration of the differently challenged persons with full honor and dignity by society by promoting self-reliance and confidence.

02. The institution also aims at removing all misconception about disability and thus removing all sorts of discrimination, rights violation and infringement on the dignity and self-respect of the disabled by providing them with equal opportunities.

03. The institution will strive to develop a caring community, exercising concern and respect for the welfare of the disabled, emphasizing the overriding importance of providing them with equal opportunities, based upon sensitivity, tolerance and good will and accept its share of responsibility in care of the disabled.

04. The institution is an attempt to encourage and appreciate the contribution, the differently challenged can make to the society.

05. The institution will strive to establish an effective system of vocational guidance, in active collaboration with governmental agencies, for the rehabilitation of the disabled and thus to reduce the dependent of the disabled on charity and sympathy o f others.

06. This institution will also be an endeavor in securing the understanding the support of parents and other agencies a decent life with full dignity to the disabled.

Though integration in itself cannot be a substitute for careful planning and intervention with regard to the special needs of the disabled children, it is important that they are given the opportunity and self-confidence to work with others. The ideal strategy, it is now realized, is to provide the disabled child with the best possible intervention in an integrated setting. An integrated and inclusive school setting with teachers and counselors with special skills is found to be immense importance to help disabled children. It will help them to deal with prejudices, unhealthy sympathy and lack of sensitivity on the part of others and become victims of lack self-confidence and withdrawal syndromes that affect their lives and make it miserable. Unless the disabled persons are provided with suitable and appropriate education the cannot aspire to be independent and enjoy independence , mobility and respect in society. Therefore, in recent years there has been a major shift away from special education to inclusive and integrated education.

It is in the light of this that the integrated High School in planned at this Centre. Here, Children with "Special Education Needs" will have access to regular classes, which will help them to achieve self-confidence and dignity and promote their active participation in society. Classrooms and related facilities for a high school are included in this project. Our own experiences in our earlier ventures have been highly satisfactory in this regard. The disabled children who are pursuing higher education will be integrated in to this school. Special care will be made to make the curricula disability sensitive and the school building accessible to the disabled and those with special needs.

A New chapter of the Institution

In the year 2005 'Monfort VidyaSagar' CBSE school was started in the same campus. Montfort VidyaSagar School is an abode where children are nurtured to grow through faith in God, love for humanity, quest for truth, concern for the poor, sense of justice and passion for knowledge. Montfort Education is committed to promote authentic human values that are universal and are relevant to our times and culture.

Home the first school and parents are the best educators. No teacher can substitute the parents. No school can be an alternative for the home. The school and the teachers are only an extension of the educational process, which the parents have already begun at home. Montfort Vidyasagar School firmly believes education is an ongoing process. It is a process to know oneself with once won strengths and limitations and move ahead to achieve greater heights in intelligence, ingenuity and innocence. "A student acquires a quarter of this knowledge from his teacher, another quarter from his own intelligence, the third quarter from his friend and the last quarter in course of time from experience" Mahabharata.

Montfort Vidyasagar CBSE School is started by the Montfort Brothers to cater to the educational needs of the middle class families in and around Belagola Village. The School assures the parents that the best learning atmosphere will be provided for the children and that efficient and dedicated staff guides the students to grow towards perfection in freedom and joy. The teaching faculty also included OSF sisters who play a great role in giving our students quality education. The serene surroundings at the premises are designed for aiding in efficient learning without distractions.

In the year 2005 Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi joined our mission. They take care of the deaf girls in the hostel and also teach in both schools. As the years passed by the strength in both schools increased rapidly along with other disabled completed successfully during the year 2009 - 10. Montfort Vidyasagar has reached 8th std. at present

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Community (2015 - 2016)

Bro. Joseph MK - LS, Principal of Vidhya sagar

Bro. Pakiyanathan - Bursar, Principal & Correspondent of Montfort School for the Disabled

Bro. Gerald Mary