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After Montfort's death, Fr.Mulot registered Montfort's Will in Nantes and came to stay with his brother in St.Pompain. In 1717, Bro.James came to St.Laurent to teach the children of the parish. In 1718, Bro.Mathurin came to St.Pompian to join Frs.Mulot and Vatel. Bro.Philip went to replace Bro.Louis in the La Rochelle school and Bro.Louis went to Nantes. In 1720, Bro.Joseau, a new comer, came to St.Laurent and helped Sr.Marie Louise and also in the parish school. Sr.Marie Louise wished to get Fr.Mulot as the confessor for the Sisters. Hence, Madame Bouille and the Marquis of Magnanne once again bought a new plot of land in 1721, to house Fr.Mulot, the Fathers and the Brothers. The land was registered in the name of the Brothers who would be looking after the parish school. In 1722, the Priests and Brothers met there for a retreat and elected Fr.Mulot as the Superior General of the Company of Mary.

The Society grew slowly and it is faithful to the preaching of the missions following the Montfortian way. The Brothers had only one school, the one in St.Laurent. In the beginning, most of the Brothers were

involved in helping the priest missionaries in their work. In 1842, the teaching Brothers gotseparated from the priests to form the Institute of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. During the last 150 years the Company of Mary has extended its mission work, preaching and parish activities. Today, there are around 1000 Priests and 150 Brothers serving in the Company of Mary.

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The Daughters Of Wisdom

Montfort Brother of St.gabrielWhen Montfort died, the religious societies founded by him were not well established.Sr.Marie Louise and other Sisters were at La Rochelle promising to find a suitable place for the society in Poitiers. She took Sr.Marie Louise and two more Sisters to Poitiers. The authorities in the Poorhouse did not make all the needed arrangements and Sr.Marie Louise was worried. Finally the man looking after the chapel in Montbernage suggested to her to start her convent in St.Laurent-sur-Sevre and found out two people who could help her. Thus Madame Bouille and her relative the Marquis of Magnanne bought a plot of land in St. Laurent and the Sisters came to stay there in 1720 and thus slowly the first community of the Daughters of Wisdom got started.

Though the conditions were very difficult, Sr.Marie Louise looked to the formation of the Sisters and novices and started a number of new convents. The Sisters looked after the poor children in Charitable Schools, organized kitchens for beggars, worked in hospitals and Poorhouse, etc. Before her death on 28`h April 1759, exactly 43 years after Montfort, Sr.Marie Louise had managed to establish nearly forty convents. The society had grown and today there are nearly 3,000 Sisters engaged in the same spiritual journey, striving to acquire Wisdom through Mary and her care for the suffering humanity. It is present today in all the five continents, in some thirty countries, striving to show God's tenderness to those suffering or in need.