Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel

Spirituality of Partnership

To live the spirituality of Partnership helps to develop a strong relation with Christ's mystical Body. The one who lives in such a way becomes a living branch of the Vine, Christ, and allows many other branches to grow on the same Vine, thus forming a loving and fruitful communion - the sacrament of the Kingdom of God. Thus, a Brother should be able to witness in the Congregation, through the spirituality of Partnership, what the Church should be. This is a prophetic mission to which one is called at this point of time.

Spirituality of Partnership is Mission Spirituality that demands rootedness in Christ, self-discipline, commitment and openness to embrace and be embraced by the world. Many are the challenges of the modern world: a materialism that denies God, an economic situation of plenty and poverty, war and violence of all sorts, communal and religious divisions. Our world is a world thirsting for justice and peace. To proclaim the Gospel in this context of the world is the mission of the Church today.