Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel

Synergy - 2015

Synergy 2015, the Inter-Montfortian mega Cultural Event of the Institutions belonging to Yercaud Province was held on January 29th and 30th at Lake Montfort School, Banglore. The following 16 Institutions participated in the same.
* St.Mary’s Higher Sec School,A.N.Mangalam.
* Good News Colleges, Kalghatgi.
* Montfort Community School, Kombuthooki.
* Montfort School for the Differently abled, Belagola.
* Montfort Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai.
* Montfort Valley School, Murickumthotty.
* Sampurna Montfort College, Bangalore
* Montfort Hr. Sec. School, Yercaud.
* Montfort Sr. Sec. School, Anakkara.
* Lake Montfort School, Bangalore.
* Montfort Vidyasagar, Belagola.
* Deshayes Mount School, Bangalore
* St.Joseph Higher Sec School,Susaigiri
* Nirmala Hr.Sec.School, Kolathur.
* Montfort School, Chinnakanal.
* Montfort Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Kolathur

On January 29th, the Provincial Superior, Bro.George Kalangod inaugurated Synergy 2015. After the “Lighting of the Lamp” which symbolised the start of the two-day Cultural event, the Provincial Superior honoured the Provincial Councillors, Heads of Institutions, Brothers and Sisters of the participating Montfortian Institutions with a shawl. After the welcome by the Principal of the Host School. Bro.George K.J., the Provincial Superior addressed the gathering.

In his Welcome Address, the Provincial Superior outlined the themes for the event-namely, Light. The importance of the same was briefly shared from the Scientific and Spiritual point of view. The other subtopics - the Family, India’s Mission to Space, Fight against Terrorism & Deadly Diseases also were highlighted.

Based on the above themes, each Institution presented their programme. Every item was thought provoking and well appreciated. On the first day, 12 Institutions staged their programme and the remaining four on the next day-30th January 2015.

On the second day, after completing the programmes by the remaining Institutions, the Valedictory function was held after the Lunch break. Representatives of the participating schools expressed their gratitude following which the Convener of the Education Commission of Yercaud Province, Bro.Varghese Koonamavu shared his thoughts. He appreciated the Principal for organizing the Synergy Programme and taking it forward for the last 5 years effectively.

In his Valedictory address, the Provincial Superior congratulated the Principal of Lake Montfort, Bro.George P.J and his team of Brothers, Staff and Students for the excellent arrangements done for the participants, accompanying Brothers and Teachers. The Provincial Superior also thanked Bro.Varghese Koonamavu, the Convener of the Education Commission for supplying the T-shirts as a Souvenir given to all the participants.

This was followed by the Valedictory address of the Provincial Superior, Bro.George Kalangod, wherein he said that he was happy to note that 13 Institutions had presented Jesus as the “True Light”; he further asked all the students to take home this light-“Jesus” irrespective of the religion as Jesus will show them how to lead a peaceful and happy life.

He also presented 4 chocolates as Take-Home Gifts to all the participants. Each chocolate represented the subthemes – Fight against Terrorism, Fight against Deadly Diseases, India’s Mission in Space and the Family. He asked the students to remember that “Family” is above all and the reason for our being. He enthused the students to be vigilant and to do their bit in combating the fight against terrorism and deadly diseases. India’s Mission to space is opening up new avenues for the students and he hoped that many student would opt to be a research Scholar and take up Space Related jobs in future and bring more laurels to India.

Apart from this, he gave them a very special gift- Jesus Christ. He asked the students to take home this special Gift, Jesus, the true light and always keep Him in their hearts and call on Him in troubled times,

Every participant was awarded a Certificate and a Souvenir.

Once again the Provincial thanked the Host School, all the Heads of the Institutions, Brothers, Teachers and Participants for having made Synergy 2015 a successful event and said that he now looked forward to Synergy 2016, which will focus on the Tercentenary of St.Louis Montfort as 2016 is the 300th death anniversary of the Founder and Patron Saint of the Montfortian Institutions, St.Louis Montfort.

On that happy note everyone dispersed at around 4 p.m. together after singing the hymn “Glory to Montfort”

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?St.Mary's, A.N. Mangalam

Good News Colleges, Kalgathghi

Community School Kombuthooki

Montfort School-(Differently able) Belagola

Montfort Matriculation, St.Thomas Mount

Montfort Valley - Murickumthotty

Sampurna College - Bangalore

Montfort School -Yercaud

Montfort - Anakkara

Montfort Vidhya Sagar, Belagola

Montfort Vidhya sagar - Belogola

Deshayes Mount, Yercaud

St.Joseph’s , Susaigiri

Nirmala Hr.Sec.School, Kolathur

Montfort Chinnakanal

Montfort Matriculation, Kolathur

Closing Ceremony