Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel

Vocation Love

Together with all baptized men and women, Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel's primary vocation is to yearn for sanctity. As religious, we are "called to live in God with our brothers." We heard that call one day in the depth of our hearts.

Recognized within our personal history, that call makes us love Christ first of all and leave everything behind to follow Him. Jesus Christ is our life; he draws us to the Father, teaches us how to love with the strength of his Holy Spirit and sends us towards our human brothers, particularly towards those neglected by the world.

A Response of Love

Our response consists in welcoming God's love with the mindset of the poor, indulging in love and reconciliation, loving like Jesus Christ, offering our life to God for his glory, so that his Kingdom of love, justice and peace be revealed to the poor. Our response consists in following Christ along with the Brothers and living like him in chastity, poverty and obedience in Montfort's way.

Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel's Formation:

1. Vocation to Brotherhood

Religious life in the Church is indeed a gift from God to the Church. It is a sign and symbol of the Kingdom. The Religious life of the Brothers is first and foremost a call to live radically the Gospel in the community, in practicing the evangelical counsels. It is the life based on the words and examples of Jesus Christ.

2. A prophetic witness

The call to Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel is a call to prophetic witness, bearing the Spirit who is attentive to the signs of the times and sensitive to the task of human liberation.

3. Educational Mission

Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel are endowed with a special Charism inherited from its founder St. Montfort. Through its specific Charism the institute shares the mission of the Church. The Society exercises primarily in the education of the young particularly of the poor.

The key elements of Brotherhood of Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel is:

With Mary, a disciple of Jesus Christ Incarnate Wisdom: To belong to Christ, to acquire and possess him, Brothers use the four means recommended by Montfort: desire, prayer, mortification and devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

  • Consecrated by profession to live with Brothers.

  • Following Jesus chaste, poor, and obedient.

  • At the service of communion in the Church.

  • Members of the Religious Institute of Brothers.